Linus Shaleheart

Tielfing Rogue, adopted by the Order of the Chasm


HP – 8
Initiative – 2
AC – 13


As a former initiate of the Order of the Chasm, Linus wanders the land of Petrida to understand the chaos within himself. He’d been taught that only those who have mastered their own chaos, who have traversed their own “chasm”, can know the power that is born from the Chasm that brings the Night and the Darkness. The sibling Gods of the Order.

Taken in as an infant by Landrus Black, the Prior of the Order, Linus grew up cloistered from the world. The prejudice against the Tiefling brood was thick in this country and was difficult to escape even within the walls of the Order.

Linus had never seen the outside world for something more than turmoil, writhing in the maw of the great Chasm. That all changed suddenly, as Linus realized that even his precious Order was filled with corruption, betrayal and chaos.

One fateful evening Linus, returning from his Nightly services, overheard Prior Black convening with others of the Council. He learned of their plans to turn the “spawn of the Infernal” into their sharpest daggers. He learned that he himself was the first of hopefully many powerful Tiefling assassins under the Order’s thumb.

Linus fled into the night. Lost and alone he made his way toward the sea, scavenging what tools and supplies he could.

His initial judgments were that the people of the land were dim as they lived in a world full of omen and portent while they chose to worship statues made by the hands of Men. They refused to acknowledge the Gods lived in the swirling miasma that permeates reality.

However, the few Adventures he’s encountered have proven to have more solid contents between their ears. Linus now counts himself among them, exploring the lands, seeking to distance himself from his past by forging a new fate for himself.

Linus Shaleheart

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