A God for All Season

Renlet's Journal

1st Night in Thalosia

At the Thalosia Crossroad after a long caravan ride -

Performed every chance I could on the road but only to a mild result. No coin but that wasnt the sole purpose of my playing. For so long now, I’ve been the runner up. I have found within me courage I hadn’t needed before. I am the lead of the show.

The caravan ride was a pleasant one I am lucky enough to have been able to join. Almost everyone was a kind sort traveling with wears to sell in Thalosia or returning home. Two among the caravan, Tieflings seemed to be signed on a guards. In this part of the world, like many other they are reviled for their heritage. People here only see the horns and not the being behind them. The caravan master seems to have taken a liking to them which has afforded them a small measure of decentcy from the locals. Quiet but decent enough fellows and they look awfully hand if a fight were to stir up!

Hopefully Thalosia will yield more roads to travel and stories that will be told for years to come. Where will my place be among these tales to come? Where will my words take them?



GMBill Mattking2287

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