A bartender who grew up in this small village; respected for having defended it at the cost of his own blood.


A man boasting a large frame, gone to seed in the last few years. Ander has seen battle and bears the scars as proof. He’s a generally good natured, and unusually welcoming to those from outside Patridi.


Ander is a lifer in Thalasia. Born a few dozen years ago he is most notably known for distinguishing himself in a battle against an invading Minotaur using corrupted goat men. Grievously wounded, Ander survived only due to the last minute arrival of a band of famous heroes. Their cleric healed him after hearing of his heroics, and that group’s fighter gifted him the horns of the minotaur after slaying the beast. Lanterns now hang from those horns mounted in his barn.


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