Renlet Blalock

Everyone will know my name


HP = 8 AC = 12 SPD = 25 INIT = 1 PRO = 2


STR = 11
DEX = 13
CON = 10
INT = 12
WIS = 12
CHA =16

Athletics = 0

Acrobatics = 3
Sleight of Hand = 3
Stealth = 1

Arcana = 1
History =1
Investigation = 1
Nature = 1
Religion = 1

Animal Handling = 1
Insight = 1
Medicine = 1
Perception = 1
Survival = 1

Deception = 5
Intimidation = 3
Performance = 5
Persuasion = 5

Rapier – Piercing – 5 feet
To Hit = 1d20+3
DMG = 1d8+1

Dagger – 20/60 – Piercing
To Hit = 1d20+3
DMG = 1d4+1

Sling – 30/120 – Bludgeon
To Hit = 1d20+3
DMG = 1d4+1


Traveling entertainer who wants to see the world and tell great tales. (Secretly wants to the hero of the story)

Learned Bard skills from family. They’re successful traveling showmen but will never be famous; their world is too small for Renlet, who always talked about wanting to strike out on his own but his family told him they needed to stick together and he was important to them. Most of the Bouncing Blalocks were acrobats, and good ones! Both of Renlet’s parents, Balis and Oventia were renown for their stunts and tumbling and many times sought out to entertain at small feasts or wedding festivals from Sted holders to lesser Nobles.

Their family grew up on the road with them as either fellow acrobats, illusionists, fortune tellers, and any other profession halfling gypsies could drum up to make a living. Extended family and children included, The Blalock’s Bunch came in at 27 halflings in all. There were a few performers and stagehands/assistants that weren’t actually Blalocks by blood but by marriage, contract (always kept quiet), or need for a good act, the Blalocks would sometimes pop up in unfamiliar lands at fortuitous times. The Blalocks were always quick on their small feet when anyone noticed a new player in the show and no one would question things any further. Renlet was not a fan of so many new faces parading around as family. As a real Blalock, the name meant something besides profits to him but others paraded it around like it belonged to them whenever it pleased them.

Balis and Oventia were encountering issues at shows of patrons losing purses with no explanation or evidence until one night in a town northwest over the mountains of Thalasia. It was the second night of performing, the previous night having been a great success with a new act; two halflings so muscled they looked more like beardless dwarves than halflings, performing amazing feats of strength that wowed the crowd. Their feats of strength, like most acts were accompanied by Renlet playing or singing building the actors and crowd up that much more. ★The second night though, Renlet was distracted and wasn’t playing his best. Usually his playing intrigued the crowds and bolstered the performers, inadvertently becoming an important part of any act. His playing on the drums and song that night were more distracting than helpful and even though the Bouncing Blalocks themselves were on next, some of the crowd stood and began departing when two performers from earlier in the night, Durgelos and Jehped were spotted crawling under tables and benches, dagger in hand and cut purses in the other. Two patrons were injured trying to subdue them (reach for their stolen coin purses) and the two thieves slipped away in the confusion of the event.

The town and the people blamed all of Blalocks and made them return the money paid for their two night show and to repay the coin stolen by their kin. None of the “extended” family were willing to help pay the debt of the fools who betrayed the name and act fell to Balis, Oventia, and their children to find a way to pay the fines against them all. There were four children but of them only two made much from their performing, Renlet and his older sister, Litensia. She stood almost 4 and a half feet tall and was so lovely not an eye would wander while she danced. Her act, dancing solo and partnered/group was the only act that could rival Balis and Oventia’s in all the show. Litensia also loved to spend everything she made on silly pretty things and never saved a silver for anything of real value in the future.

Renlet made good coin performing, so much did he play but saved all he could to buy what he wanted since he was a young boy. Renlet’s parents had taken him to another performers show in a town they passed through when he had only just begun learning music and instruments. The musician strummed heavenly on a golden Lyre. It was the most wonderful sound Renlet had ever heard and he promised himself he would have his own one day. All those years of playing and saving were spent not on Renlet’s dream Lyre but on buying his family out of the debt of two selfish cut purse.

Renlet had had enough. It would take a decade of performances with the reputation they no longer have for Renlet to hope to make up what this cost him. He considered his great distraction the of last night performance.

Coin would have been preferred to this but Renlet had never been tipped a dagger before that night and maybe it would make a good story. The dagger was simple but foreign to this side of the mountain. It held only basic craftsmanship but it was visible the hand was a caring one. One word stood out (and the obvious symbol) for a god from over the mountains, Hermes. Twin serpants wrapped around a staff chiselled into the steel with Hermes carved into the wooden handle made it look something special to other daggers Renlet had seen and held before. After Renlet’s inspection of the piece, he looked to the man who tossed it on top of the open bag made to hold coins and huffed through a slight smile at the performer. “All i got worth giving and you’ve earned something after that play” the man said. Tall and a bit gaunt, he had certainly weathered his years working and not in luxury. Renlet looked down at the dagger again and before he could finishing raising his eyes and say more than “Thank …” the stranger was moving on away from the appreciative halfling.
The thought of that dagger and the symbol on it were distracting Renlet the rest of that night, the next day, and was why he couldn’t focus the next night while performing. Was he imagining the same types of symbols and carvings on the lyre of that singer all those years ago? He must just be imagining things and putting things together wrong. People did those things all the time. Most people didn’t even have to try and get details wrong about old stories if given enough time. They would fill in worn out holes in their memory like a patched pair of trousers, with whatever was around at the time or would make them look best after having a hole in them. Some folks memories weren’t to be trusted, but Renlet’s memory was always impeccable. He often remembered even the smallest details he heard in passing and especially about stories and song. Did that man look familiar? Had he seen the dagger tipping stranger somewhere else? Had he been at other shows? The more he thought, the more frustrated he became, and he couldn’t get his mind off of it.

The debt was paid and the Blalocks had decided to move on to the next venue, all except for Renlet. After a heated discussion with family, Renlet would not sway on his decision to leave his family and the Bouncing Blalocks to finally strike out on his own.
“This traveling from town to town, performing the same routines is not my dream. I need more in my life and I can’t find it sitting on the edge of a stage wasting my life away.” Renlet told his parents and siblings. “You will all be fine without me. I have to do this or I will forever wonder if this was all I was meant to do.”

The troupe stayed in town one last night and Renlet made certain to say his goodbyes to those he would miss and knew would miss him. Now that it came to it, it was harder for Renlet to keep his nerve. Life with his family was a comfortable one and there were much worse fates but Renlet’s heart yearned for something that this simple life would never provide. Renlet always loved the stories about great heroes and their deeds that lived on long after they closed their eyes for the last. Maybe that was the life that was waiting outside his family’s tents for him?

Watching the Bouncing Blalocks caravan ride out of the town the next morning, Renlet watched with a tear rolling down his check. Only one tear would fall, not out of sadness or regret. A tear for the life he might have known if he had stayed the Bard of the Blalocks; the Heartbeat of the family, as his mother had always called him. They would find their way again just as Renlet would find his.

Renlet brushed his cheek dry as he turned and made his way towards the caravan rolling out later that morning heading over the mountains to Thalasia. “I’ll do whatever it takes” he told himself. “Everyone will know my name.”

Renlet Blalock

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